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Why should I register?
Accounts on Confetti Pop have some nifty features. They allow you to create project boards, so you can save and organize your favorites on Confetti Pop for future party planning. Vendors can even be saved, as well! In addition, you get access to our mailing list, which gives exclusive project previews, vendor offers, and more! We also have some additional perks coming down the pipeline for registered users, so get on board now!

Why do I have to provide all the required information?
In the event of an issue with your account (for example, if you suspect it has been accessed by someone other than yourself), we need to be able to verify your personal information. Don’t worry, though: this information will only be used internally. We never rent, sell, or otherwise distribute your personally identifiable information to third parties. For more information, please review our Privacy Policy.

What is your newsletter? How do I sign up for it?
Members have exclusive access to our newsletter, which features project and shoot sneak peeks, special offers from vendors, styling tips, and more. To opt in, click on EDIT ACCOUNT on the MY ACCOUNT widget and click SUBSCRIBE on the right side of the Edit Information panel.


May I repost this on my blog / Pinterest / et cetera?
We’re so excited when our users find projects they love as much as we do. We’re happy to allow you to share our content, provided you follow the following conditions: (i) only finished project images and links to the original posts may be shared – please do not copy and paste tutorial information into a blog post, Pinterest comments area, Tumblr post, or similar, or repost images illustrating the tutorial steps; (ii) any project images posted should be linked back to the original post; (iii) all photos should be properly credited to Confetti Pop with a link back to the site home page. For more information, please review our Copyright Information.

I’d like to follow you! Where are you on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest?
Awesome! We can’t wait to interact with you on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.


How is the Estimated Budget calculated?
Estimated Budgets on each page is an approximate cost to produce a single unit – whether it’s a section of backdrop, a single drink stirrer, or an accessory – rounded up to the nearest dollar. While we can’t guarantee you’ll be able to produce these projects for the exact value listed since costs, including taxes and shipping, vary by source and location, we provide the breakdown based on our experience creating it so you can have a rough idea of what you’ll shell out in advance.

How is the Estimated Time calculated?
No two people work at the same speed, but it’s always great to have an idea of how long a project will take you so you’re not cramming it all in last minute. We keep track of how long each project takes us, then give a little more room so that it reflects the time it would likely take an average level crafter. If you have concerns about time, make sure to allot yourself more than estimated just in case.

Are the links in your Tools and Supplies section your recommended sources?
As explained in the disclaimers below any post containing advertiser links in the section, they are purely sponsored. While we love our advertisers, we do not endorse any particular product or company, and we may not have sourced our personal supplies from that location. If you would like to find other sources for the same products in order to shop around, feel free to peruse the Vendor Directory.