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Striped Cupcake Liner Backdrop

The best thing to happen to cupcake liners since, well, cupcakes. Time and budget calculated for a 4′ W X 8′ H backdrop.

Estimated Budget $60
Estimated Time 30 Hours
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Tools and Supplies

    • cupcake liners in multiple colors
    • white bulletin board paper roll
    • glue sticks
    • scissors

DIY Striped Cupcake Liner Backdrop from Confetti Pop.


Cut a section of bulletin board paper measuring 4′ W X 8′ H. Set it on a long, flat working surface.


Cut cupcake liners in half (illustration #1), then cut the flat area in quarters (illustration #2) to the edge of the circular area. This will help the liners to lie flat.


Apply glue to the cupcake liner in the cut area on the inside part of the liner. Attach the cupcake liner to the bottom of the paper, so that the widest part of it is flush with the left, bottom edge of the paper. Attach the next cupcake liner half directly next to it, and continue to the end of the bulletin board paper. Create a second row of the same color, offsetting the liner so that the middle of the liner falls in between two liners on the layer directly beneath it (illustration #3). Finish the row, then repeat the step with another color.


Continue attaching cupcake liners in two row pairs until the paper is completely filled, then hang.

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