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Spooky Sweets Halloween Favors

A sugar rush is the only side effect of this spooky poison.

Estimated Budget $1
Estimated Time 5 Minutes
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Tools and Supplies

    • printer paper
    • our PDF printable
    • double sided tape
    • 2 oz. corked bottles
    • bulk Pop Rocks or rock candy crystals
    • kitchen funnel


Print labels onto white paper and trim to size. Place strips of double sided tape down the left and right sides, then add two strips in an “X” shape through the middle. Alternatively, you can print the PDF on a full sheet label paper and cut to size. Apply the label to the bottle and smooth to affix firmly.


Using a kitchen funnel, fill each jar with Pop Rocks or loose rock candy crystals. We recommend one flavor for each of the three label styles provided on the document.

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