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Shooting Star Piñata

Light up the sky with this twinkling decor.

Estimated Budget $30
Estimated Time 15 hrs
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Tools and Supplies
    • our star piñata template
    • gold and silver mylar
    • 3 colors of tissue paper (10 sheets of each)
    • white crepe paper streamers
    • fringe scissors
    • scissors
    • craft glue
    • hot glue
    • twine/string
    • cardboard
    • duct tape
    • white spray paint
    • jump ring (optional)

DIY Shooting Star Pinata from Confetti Pop.


Print our star template, trace it onto two pieces of clean cardboard, and cut out the shapes. Cut out additional 5″ strips of cardboard to bridge the two stars together with tape.


Spray paint the assembled star white so the brown cardboard doesn’t affect the show through your thin layers of fringe later.


Using fringing scissors, cut a roll of crepe paper streamer. Apply a strip of fringed crepe to the bottom of the star using craft glue. Layer the next strip 1/2″ higher than the previous one, and continue layering until you reach the top of the star. Once both stars have been covered, trim the excess crepe. Apply strips to the sides of the star using the same method.


To create tassels, fold one sheet of tissue or mylar in half lengthwise. Then, fold it in half widthwise. Starting at the bottom of the folded sheet, cut fringe leaving 1-2 inches uncut at the top. Unfold the sheet and cut the tissue paper into four pieces with fringe on either side. Tightly roll up one piece at the uncut middle section of the strip. Bring both fringe ends together, twisting the top and reinforcing with a dot of hot glue to create a loop. If you’re using pre-fringed mylar, cut it into 2 ft wide strips. Roll mylar as tight as possible, reinforcing with hot glue as you work. Using hot glue, run a couple of small lines up the top to the tassel and wrap with string following the directions in this tutorial to keep the mylar from unraveling.


Using string, tie a knot through each tassel loop to keep in place. Repeat down the length of the string, keeping it vertical to ensure placement and spacing. When tail is complete, tie it to the jump ring and reinforce with hot glue. While glue is still warm, secure it to the bottom of the piñata.

Photography by Todd Hafermann

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