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Sequin Celebration Cones

Mix it up with this modern mantelpiece decor.

Estimated Budget $6
Estimated Time 5 Minutes
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Tools and Supplies

    • styrofoam cones
    • 2 – 3 yds sequin trim (depending on trim width and cone height)
    • color coordinated, lightweight fabric
    • pearl head pins
    • small straight pins


Wrap each cone in a light-weight, cotton fabric that matches the sequin trim. Secure at back of cone with small straight pins. This will ensure that none of the styrofoam shows through the sequins. Trim excess fabric.


Starting at the bottom of the cone, secure one end of the sequin strand to the cone with a pearl head pin. Wrap the continuous strand around the cone, working up to the top, and allow it to stand slightly higher than the top of the cone. Secure the end of the strand to the back of the top of the cone with a pearl head pin. Cut off excess sequin trim.


Fold excess sequin trim over the top of the cone and secure with a small straight pin.

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