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Over the Rainbow Cupcake Toppers

Who needs a pot of gold when a cupcake is at the end of this rainbow?

Estimated Budget $7
Estimated Time 15 mins
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Tools and Supplies

    • our Over the Rainbow template
    • 2-1/2″ circle punch
    • cloud craft punch
    • paper cutter or ruler and Xacto knife
    • white scrapbook paper
    • hot glue gun and glue sticks
    • glue stick
    • toothpicks


Print Over the Rainbow template onto white scrapbook paper. Using the 2-1/2″ circle punch, cut out each rainbow circle. Use the paper cutter, or ruler and Xacto knife to cut each circle in half, at the 1-1/4″ mark.


Create several paper clouds using the mini cloud punch and white scrapbook paper. Each rainbow will need four clouds, two overlapping at the base of each arm of the rainbow. Using a glue stick, attach the clouds to the base of the rainbow. Set aside to dry.


Cut 1/3 of the length off of several toothpicks with heavy-duty scissors. You’ll need two toothpicks for each topper. Once trimmed, attach the cut end of a  toothpick to the back of each arm of the rainbow using hot glue. Set aside to dry.


Once dry, sink the rainbow’s toothpicks into a delicious mound of frosting.

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