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Ombré Wrapped Wooden Flatware

Ombre, gold, and wood?! It’s a trend explosion that’s tasteful, not tacky.

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Estimated Time
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Tools and Supplies


Attach the end of darkest shade of embroidery floss to the back of the utensil handle with a small dot of hot glue. Wrap the floss about 1/3 of the way up the handle, finishing with the string on the back side of the floss.


Hold the string taut and gather a strand of the second darkest shade. Twist the two together, again starting behind the flatware stem, and wrap them together around the flatware three or four times. Once at the back of the handle, hold the end of the darkest thread flat against it, and continue to wrap the second darkest thread around 1/3 of the handle. The second thread will wrap around the loose end of the darkest thread, securing it to the handle. Repeat the process, twisting the second shade and the lightest shade together and wrapping, then wrapping 1/3 of the stem in the lightest shade only.


Once you’ve finished wrapping the last color, apply a small dot of hot glue to secure the end of the thread discreetly to the back of the flatware stem. Set aside to dry.


Once dry, carefully paint the curlicue detail at the end of the stem gold. Set aside to dry.

flatware courtesy of Paper String

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