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Ombre Tissue Bunting Backdrop

Delicate tissue paper adds a translucent punch to a dessert table backdrop.

Estimated Budget $20
Estimated Time 45 Minutes
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Tools and Supplies

    • tissue paper in three or more spectral shades
    • mini pom pom ribbon yardage
    • scissors
    • twine
    • glue dots or double-sided tape



Fold tissue paper in half height-wise, then in half lengthwise twice until you get a folded sheet that is one eighth the starting size. Along the folded edges, cut irregularly sized rectangles and set the folded pieces aside. Repeat with the remaining tissue colors.


Cut a length of twine that is moderately longer than the length needed for hanging to allow for slack. Apply a small piece of double sided tape or a glue dot to the fold area of the tissue rectangle, then hang the piece on the twine and pinch either side of the fold together to seal in place. Repeat in one color across the length of twine, then create additional garlands for the other tissue colors.


Hang the tissue garland and the mini pom pom ribbon yardage by color where desired, allowing a little slack to give each strand a dynamic curve.

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