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Ombre Dip Dyed Napkins

These trendy napkins are so pretty you’d rather wipe your hands on your skirt than get them dirty.

Estimated Budget $3
Estimated Time 1 Hour
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Tools and Supplies

    • white linen napkins
    • fabric dye
    • bucket
    • utensil to mix dye
    • sheet of white paper


Thoroughly wet the napkin with warm water. Fold it in half, and hang it on the bucket so that the areas you want dyed are inside. Determine how far up the napkin you want the dip dye to go, then remove the napkin and fill the bucket up to that level.


Fill the bucket with warm water, then add dye and mix until the desired color is achieved. You can check the current color of the water by removing the utensil and allowing some of the water to drip on to a sheet of white paper. If you will be dyeing a large batch, you may want to write down the formula needed to recreate the color.


Hang the napkin over the side of the bucket again, and dye according to manufacturer directions. The dye will ombre on its own as it creeps up the wet napkin. Allow to dry.


For a stronger ombre, spill half of the water out of the bucket when all of your napkins are complete. Make a more concentrated version of the original color, and dye again. This second color will ombre halfway into the first, giving you a more layered look.

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