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Ombre Bead Bracelet

Say “Thank you” for your maid of honor’s hours of party-prep labor with a custom bracelet.

Estimated Budget $7
Estimated Time
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Tools and Supplies

    • 1″ wooden beads
    • acrylic paint in the two extreme colors of your ombre
    • twine
    • velvet ribbon


Create your ombre paint mix using the two extreme colors of your palette. In this case, teal and a light green. Using a small plate, prepare to mix your two colors to achieve an additional three hues. Use this ratio: teal; 2 parts teal, 1 part green; 1 part teal, 2 parts green; and green.


Paint two of the beads teal, two of the beads 2:1 teal to green, two of the beads 1:2 teal to green, and one center bead green. Allow to dry, inspect for complete coverage, and paint again if necessary.


Fold a piece of thick string or twine in half, creating a “U” shape long enough to fit your beads. Pull a length of velvet ribbon halfway through the U. String your beads onto the U-shaped twine, pulling both strands of twine through the bead hole. The thicker velvet ribbon at the end of the strand will act as a stopper for the beads


Once all beads are strung, use another strip of velvet ribbon as a stopper by tying the loose ends of the twine across it and knotting. Tie the velvet ribbons around your wrist, creating a bow.

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