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Metallic Ombré Glitter Ornaments

‘Tis the season to be jazzy! These shimmery ornaments are sure to dress up your decor.

Estimated Budget $20
Estimated Time 1 Hour
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Tools and Supplies

    • clear plastic ornaments
    • floor wax
    • glitter
    • silver spray paint


Remove the silver cap from an ornament. Carefully pour a small amount of floor wax into the ornament. We recommend Pledge® Floor Care Tile and Vinyl Floor Finish. Place the cap back on the ornament, and swirl the wax around so it covers the entire surface. Remove the cap again, and pour any excess wax back into the bottle.


Working quickly, pour a generous amount of glitter into the ornament. Swirl the glitter around in the ornament so the entire inside surface is coated. Set the ornament aside with the cap off. When dry, tap the bottom of the ornament over the glitter container to return any excess glitter to the container.


Set the ornaments back into their original packaging. Place the ornament opening upward, instead of on its side, the position they came in). Position your spray can about 3′ away from the ornaments and lightly spray the tops of the ornaments, aiming for each individual ornament’s cap tip. Spraying from a distance will allow the paint to feather out, and concentrating on the center top will ensure the coating is thickest at the top center, creating the desired ombré effect. Set aside to dry before replacing the caps.

Photography by Melissa Oholendt

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