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Geometric Tile Gem Necklace

This bib necklace is a bargain and easy to boot.

Estimated Budget $9
Estimated Time
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Tools and Supplies

    • 12″ x 12″ ceramic octagon tile
    • decorative ribbon
    • 9″ x 11″ stiff white felt
    • hot glue gun and glue
    • gold paint pen
    • acrylic paint
    • sponge craft brush
    • scissors
    • fine black marker

DIY Geometric Tile Gem Necklace from Confetti Pop.


Cut three octagon tiles and four diamond tiles from the 12″ x 12″ tile square by cutting through the soft glue between each piece. Once unattached, paint tiles and let dry.


Once dry, arrange the tiles on the stiffened felt until you are happy with the arrangement. Outline the configuration onto the felt using the fine-tipped marker. Cut small, narrow pieces of the remaining felt and set aside.


Flip each tile over one-by-one to keep the configuration in place. Hot glue the thin strips of felt to the back of the tiles to join adjacent ones together. This will help to fortify the piece.


Hot glue one strand of decorative ribbon to each upper most gold tiles to create your necklace’s “chain.” Hot glue the larger outlined piece of felt to the back of the entire necklace. Using narrow scissors, trim any excess felt visible from the front of the front of the necklace.

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