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Geometric Honeycomb Decoration Backdrop

Take your love to a new dimension with this 3D honeycomb backdrop.

Estimated Budget $35
Estimated Time 4 Hours
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Tools and Supplies


Orient your honeycomb paper so the glue lines are running in a horizontal direction. Using our templates, cut a half diamond shape, or do so freehand. The widest part of the template or the freehand diamond should be flush with the straight edge of the paper. You will need two identical half diamond cutouts for each honeycomb decoration, so if you are cutting freehand, trace the original cutout to create a match for it. Trim off the cutout area to create a new straight edge to cut against, and repeat as necessary


Cut out small chip board rectangles, about 1/2″ wide by 1″ tall. Hot glue the chip board tab so it overhangs the decoration slightly at the top and on the straight edged side. Punch a hole at the top of the tab to string fishing wire through later.


Hot glue the half diamonds together so they are perfectly stacked on top of each other. Open up the honey comb shape so it is fully opened and the exterior sides of the flat shapes are touching. Glue the panels together so the honeycomb shape is now assembled and open.


To hang the decorations, loop fishing wire through the hole in the tab twice, then knot it. To string additional decorations on the same strand, continue the fishing wire through the open center of the honeycomb shape and repeat. Cut the fishing wire when your strand is done.

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