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I Heart Roses Wreath

Let your love bloom with this floral, herb-laden wreath.

Estimated Budget $60
Estimated Time 2 Hours
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Tools and Supplies
    • garden roses
    • two bunches of chamomile
    • nine myrtle stems
    • 10 gauge wire
    • needle nose pliers with wire cutter
    • floral tape
    • floral wire
    • floral sheers
    • spray bottle of water

DIY Garden Rose Heart Wreath. Photography by Todd Hafermann.


To ensure freshness, begin this project as close to your event as possible. Process your flowers by trimming 1″ off of the stem at a 45 degree angle. Remove all of the greenery that will fall below the water line of your container. Set the flowers aside.


Unravel the heavy-duty wire from the spool. Using a 10 gauge wire and needle nose pliers, form the wire into a heart shape. Start and end the shape at the bottom of the heart. Cross one end of the heart 2″ above the bottom of the other end.


With the needle nose pliers, form a “U” shaped hook on the end of the shorter end of the wire. Thread the longer end of wire through the hook. Use the pliers to press the hook closed so it forms a loop. To secure the shape completely, wrap the excess wire around the wire form. The final secured wire joint is shown at the left.


Cut various pieces of chamomile and myrtle ranging from 2″ to 4″ long, and gather them into small bunches. Remove some greenery at the bottom, and wrap the bare stems with floral tape to secure the little bunches in place. Make sure to always stretch the floral tape tightly so the adhesive on it activates as much as possible. Create multiple bunches.


Starting at the bottom left side of the heart, attach a bundle of chamomile and myrtle to the wire heart form with floral tape. The bundle should face down so that the flowers and greenery are covering the wire joint and the taped portion of the bundle is pointing towards the top of the heart. Layer another bundle over the previous one, and tape it to the wreath form. Ensure that the floral tape from the initial bundle is completely hidden. Repeat until the entire wreath form is completed, then fluff the first bundle so that it hides the floral tape from the last bundle.


Prepare the garden roses for wiring first, because they will open up quickly once they are out of water. The chamomile and myrtle will last longer, so you can prepare them  this step for as late as possible. If working more than a couple hours in advance, try to use roses that are as tightly closed as possible. Cut the rose head from the stem, just below the cone shaped base. Handling the flower head very gently, push two lengths of floral wire through the base of the flower so they form an “X” (see image 3). Pull the wire down so they run parallel and form a new “stem”, as shown in the last image.


Wrap the wires and the remainder of the stem in floral tape. Bend the wires at a 90 degree angle in relation to the flower head. Once the flower heads are attached to the wreath, they should face outward.


Attach the garden roses to the wreath with floral tape, spacing as desired. If necessary, adjust the chamomile and myrtle bunches to accommodate the flower heads.


When complete, store in a dark, cool, dry place. Lightly spritz the wreath with water to keep it hydrated until ready to be used.

Photography by Todd Hafermannwholesale Bridal Piano garden roses courtesy of FiftyFlowers.

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