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Fringed Tassel Escort Cards

Let the tassel be your guide, to your table that is.

Estimated Budget $1.50 for 10
Estimated Time
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Tools and Supplies
    • crepe streamers in various colors
    • metallic twine
    • our escort card template (optional)
    • white cardstock
    • scissors
    • fringe scissors (optional)
    • double sided tape
    • 1/16″ hole punch

DIY Fringed Tassel Escort Cards from Confetti Pop. Photography by Todd Hafermann.


Download our escort card template. Add your own wording, or use your own card. Print them. Our file can be edited using a trial version of Adobe Illustrator if it’s not already installed on your computer. If you’re using our template, cut the cards out just inside the black line, keeping the grey line intact as a design element. Punch a hole near the bottom tip of the escort card, but inside the grey line, and set aside.


Cut out 6″ strips of crepe streamer. Fringe one edge of each strip, ideally with a fringe scissor, cutting each strip so that the fringe goes halfway through the width of the streamer.


Roll the streamer tightly to form the tassel. Fluff the bottom fringe, then twist the top to secure the tassel and prevent it from unrolling.


Wrap the top twisted portion in a small bit of double sided tape. Wrap a length of twine up and around the twisted portion of the tassel so that the twine forms a “U”, but do not cut the twine. Instead, wrap the continued length around the twisted portion of the tassel to secure the “U” in place. Cut the twine when you reach the top of the double sided tape area. Repeat steps three and four until you have as many tassels as you need.


Cut a small length of twine and feed it through the hole of an escort card. String up two tassels, then knot the twine at the back of the escort card. Trim away any extra twine, then repeat until your escort cards are completed.

Photography by Todd Hafermann.

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