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Fringed Ornament Garland

Matte and metallic, 3D and fringed. This festive garland has layers. Literally.

Estimated Budget $12
Estimated Time 5 Hours
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Tools and Supplies
    • tissue paper in multiple colors
    • mylar
    • seven 3″ star paper mache Ornaments
    • fringe scissors
    • scissors
    • glue sticks
    • twine
    • white or gold paint
    • paintbrush

DIY Fringed Ornament Garland from Confetti Pop.


Prep the paper mache ornaments by painting them to keep the hues of the semi-transparent tissue undisturbed. We chose gold, but white is always a safe choice.


Cut 1″ wide strips of tissue paper and mylar. Using fringe scissors, cut 1/2″ into the strip. Set the fringed strips aside by color.


Apply glue to one facet of the star. Working from the bottom of the facet, apply sections of fringed tissue, layering each strip 1/4″ apart. When the top of the facet is reached, trim the tissue along the outside of the paper mache ornament to retain its shape. Repeat to fill the rest of the facets, then complete the other ornaments by the same method.


String the ornaments on twine. Knot the twine around the ornaments’ strings to secure each in place, then hang the garland.

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