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Fringed Fiesta Utensil Pockets

Turn your flatware into flair-ware with these utensil pouches.

Contributed by Sarah Khandjian of Sarah Hearts

Estimated Budget $2
Estimated Time 30 Minutes
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Tools and Supplies

    • 12 sheets of card stock cut to 11” x 3.5” pieces
    • 48 pieces of tissue paper cut into 3.5” x 2” strips
    • double sided tape
    • scissors


Stack a few sheets of tissue paper and use scissors to cut slits about two-thirds of the way up to create fringed pieces. Repeat until all tissue paper pieces are fringed.


Fold one of the card stock pieces 4” from the bottom. Press firmly to create a crease. Starting at the bottom, use double-sided tape to adhere one of the fringed tissue paper pieces to the card stock. Repeat, working your way up, with three more pieces.


Finish assembling the pocket by adhering the two outer edges with two pieces of double-sided tape. Repeat steps 2-3 to assemble the remaining pockets. Once completed, place utensils in each pocket are you’re ready for a party!

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