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Fringed Fiesta Napkin Rings

Pass the Dos Equis and dig into a spicy meal with these festive napkin rings. Salud!

Estimated Budget $1
Estimated Time 10 Minutes
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Tools and Supplies

    • crepe streamers in various colors
    • fringe or standard scissors
    • paper towel cardboard insert
    • paint and paintbrush
    • white duct tape
    • double sided tape


Cut a cardboard insert from a roll of paper towel into 1.5″ to 2″ sections. Paint the insides of each section and let dry.


Wrap the outside of the roll with white duct tape to give it more structure. Trim any excess off the sides.


Fringe the sides of crepe streamers, leaving about a half inch uncut in the center. Fold the fringed section in half.


Wrap a layer of double sided tape around the bottom of the napkin ring. Wrap a layer of the folded fringed streamer on top of the double sided tape. Make sure the layer is flush with the edge of the cardboard section. Trim away extra streamer after completing the wrap. Repeat steps three and four, layering each fringe color over the last, until the napkin ring is covered.

Photography by Todd Hafermann.

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