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Fringed Festooning Backdrop

Jazz up a fringy backdrop with peek-a-boo gold curtains.

Estimated Budget $25
Estimated Time 1 Hour
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Tools and Supplies

    • festooning
    • gold fringed curtains
    • thin 3′ long dowel
    • glue gun and hot glue
    • scissors


Hot glue the gold fringed curtain to the dowel so that the uncut portion wraps over and around it for security.


If you are using more than one color of festooning, determine your color pattern. Begin gluing the festooning to the dowel over the curtain. Trim the festooning at the bottom of the gold curtain (about 7′ long), and use the extra for another streamer. Position the next festooning streamer as close to the first as possible without overlapping, then glue in place. Continue gluing the festooning until you have reached the end. Allow all glue to cool and set, then hang.

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