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Folded Flag Drink Stirrers

Add flair to your beat-the-heat bevs with these easy flags.

Estimated Budget Under $1
Estimated Time Under 5 Minutes
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Tools and Supplies
    • scrapbook Paper
    • scissors
    • bamboo skewers


DIY Folded Flag Drink Stirrer from Confetti Pop.


Trim your scrapbooking paper into quarter inch thick strips using a paper trimmer (if you have very steady hands, an X-acto knife and ruler is fine, too).


Set your toothpick or skewer on top of one of your paper strips, about a third of the way up the strip. Angle the strip at 30°, then wrap the remaining two thirds of the paper strip around the skewer to form a V shape (as shown in illustration #1). Pinch the paper slightly near the skewer so the strip keeps its shape as you continue to fold it into a flag.


Fold the long strip section down behind the shorter section so the longer piece runs parallel with the skewer (as shown in illustration #2). Pull the longer section back over the skewer (it will now run parallel with the shorter strip, but on the other side of the skewer, as shown in illustration #3), then flip the flag over and tuck the longer strip section under the loop that you’ve created with the paper strip. Pull the two strips to tighten the flag.


Trim the strips to even them up if necessary, and then cut V-shaped notches in the end of each strip to finish.

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