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Faceted Heart Place Cards

Dazzle them even before the food is served with these geometric place cards.

Estimated Budget Under $1
Estimated Time 5 Minutes
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Tools and Supplies


Using our Geometric Valentine’s template pack or by cutting shapes freehand, create two identical place card shapes from white cover weight paper. Layer the two cutouts over each other to confirm they are exactly the same shape, and trim away excess as needed.


Take one cut out and cut facets in the shape with a straight edge, leaving about 1/4″ in between the individual facets as well as from the edge of the cutout. If this is difficult, draw your design on the back of the cutout first, then cut it out.


Cut small sections of patterned or solid paper out to fit each facet. On the back of the cutout, position the papers so the pieces cover the entirety of the cut out facet, and ensure that facets that are next to each other have different colors or patterns. Glue down the paper sections with a glue stick.


After all of the facet papers are glued in place, back the paper cutout with its identical pair. Trim away any excess paper to clean up the edges, then write the name of a guest on the front of the place card.

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