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Everyday Elegant Drinkware

Prettify inexpensive glassware to making sipping water oh so stylish.

Estimated Budget $1.25
Estimated Time 10 Minutes
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Tools and Supplies
    • water glasses
    • masking tape
    • spray paint

DIY Everyday Elegant Drinkware from Confetti Pop.


Tape around each glass, spacing the tape at differing widths to vary the stripe pattern. With each, cover the first 1-1/2″ of the glass to ensure that guests don’t sip on a paint-covered rim. Be sure to tape the bottom of the glass, unless you want it covered by paint to achieve your design.


Working in a well-ventilated area, apply light coats of spray paint to the each glass until you achieve the level of opacity you like. Allow paint to dry before removing tape and turning the glass over.

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