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Dot Multi-Strand Garland

This dotty garland is like a multi-strand of punchy pearls for your party.

Estimated Budget $10
Estimated Time 45 Minutes
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Tools and Supplies

    • magenta, cyan, and yellow scrapbook paper
    • 2″ and 1″ circle craft punches
    • 1/8″ hole punch
    • 1/4″ dowel rod
    • heavy-duty scissors
    • fine, white crafting thread
    • hot glue gun and glue sticks


Punch a variety of magenta, cyan, and yellow circles using both circle craft punches. Using the 1/8″ hole punch, punch each circle. The hole doesn’t need to be centered or in the same location on each circle. The variety of hole locations from circle to circle will give the overall garland more movement and a carefree vibe.


Decide the pattern you want to create for your circles, and organize them accordingly on your desk. One-by-one, string them onto the thread in your chosen order. We used a random, allowing the same color or size circles in a row a few times on each strand.


Start at one end of the thread, and apply a very small dot of hot glue to the thread. This dot will stop your last circle from falling off the strand. Allow the dab of glue to cool slightly, then roll it quickly between your thumb, index, and middle fingers. Allow the last dot to fall down to the rolled glue stopper to make sure your bead of glue is large enough to keep it on the strand.


Move the next circle into place, determining how far apart you want it from the preceding one. Our circles were about an inch apart, but feel free to adjust yours to fit your needs. Place another glue dot and roll between your fingers, just as you did with the previous glue dot. Remember, the glue dots will act as a stopper for the paper circle, so apply the glue dots keeping the strand’s final U-shape in mind. More specifically, the glue dots on the left side of your strand should be in front of the circles to keep them from sliding down to the middle of the strand.


Once you’ve reached the end of your strand, wrap each end around the dowel rod several times. You can slide the strand along the dowel rod to change the arc of your garland. Create a second and third strand to create a multilayered look.

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