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Color Blocked Cocktail Popsicles

Libations add a grown up twist to these tropical pops.

Estimated Budget $.55
Estimated Time 8 hrs (includes freezing time)
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Tools and Supplies
    • popsicle mold
    • various fruit juices
    • clear soda
    • coconut milk
    • coconut rum
    • popsicle sticks
    • binder clips

DIY Party Food Ideas - Color Blocked Cocktail Popsicles from Confetti Pop. Images by Todd Hafermann.


Set aside any plastic, store bought popsicle lids and sticks that may have come with your mold. Holding a binder clip parallel to a popsicle stick, and clamp it about 1″ from the end of the stick. Position the clip so its “teeth” are secured at the midline of the stick. Place another clip across from the first, securing it so that the two clips are touching in the center of the stick. These clips keep your sticks from falling too far into the mold.


Fill each mold with one liquid, choosing either clear soda, watermelon juice, pineapple juice, coconut milk, coconut rum, or other various fruit juices. To ensure that your finished pops all look different, fill each mold with a different liquid to create the first layer. Vary the amount of liquid you use for the first layer in each mold.


Insert binder-clipped popsicle sticks into each mold. Place the molds in the freezer, tilting them at an angle. Prop them on a container or other surface to keep them steady at the angle you want. Make sure that the molds aren’t tilted too much, so juice/rum/soda doesn’t spill. Allow to freeze for about 2 hours before adding the next layer.


Once the first layer is solidified, carefully pour a contrasting liquid into each mold. Again, vary the amounts and liquids used for the layer in each mold. Place the molds back in the freezer, and prop them to lean in the opposite direction of the first layer to achieve a color blocked effect. Consider leaving the mold level, instead of titled, for some layers.

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