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Countdown to Midnight Bottle Stopper

Send your guests, and their leftover libations, home with this New Year’s Eve favor.

Estimated Budget $1.50
Estimated Time 1 hr
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Tools and Supplies

    • craft modeling clay
    • 3/4″ cork
    • craft knife
    • word processing program
    • printer
    • scissors
    • acrylic paint
    • paintbrush
    • hot glue gun and glue sticks

Maddy and I are both juggling family, friends, and fab crafting, so we really try to maximize every second. If we ever figure out how to accomplish the 25 hr day, we’ll let you know. In the meantime, we’ve been looking for fun New Year’s Eve inspiration to whip up a couple of quick projects. Luckily, we teamed up with Microsoft to try Bing’s Smart Search. It’s a crazy efficient visual search tool that shaves time off of our typical hunt for DIY inspiration. Yeah, Bing is compensating us for this project, but our opinions are genuine. You know, because we’re terrible liars.

My first search term was for New Year’s Eve hostess gift ideas, which brought a lot of results for champagne. Apparently, most of us will be popping a cork of some kind on the big night.

Screen Shot 2013-12-23 at 2.11.58 PM

That made me think of toasts, Auld Lang Syne, and other traditions like the New Year’s Eve countdown.

Screen Shot 2013-12-23 at 2.13.28 PM

I figured, with all of those bottles of champagne floating around, it’d be very clever to be the party guest that brings a nice DIY cork to keep all those half-empty bottles fresh. Voila! The Countdown to Midnight bottle stopper was born. Check out the tutorial for this super affordable DIY gift. Or, if you’re the party host, give one to each guest. xo, Shauna


Using a word processing program, center and align the numbers 3, 2, 1 vertically. Each number should be 1″ high. Print the template, and carefully cut around each number, making sure they stay connected to each other.


Roll the modeling 1/2″ thick and tall enough to accommodate your template. Lay the number template on top of the clay, and cut around it with the craft knife. Carefully smooth any rough edges before baking the clay according to the package directions.


Once cool, paint the numbers and set aside to dry. If you wish, paint the top of the cork in a coordinating color. Set aside to dry.


Cover the bottom of the 1 with a thin layer of hot glue, and quickly adhere it to the top of the cork. Allow to cool before placing in a small gift box.


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