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Floral Bundt Cake

A crown of roses and eucalyptus make this Bundt a gift worth giving.

Estimated Budget $55
Estimated Time 20 Minutes
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Tools and Supplies

    • 9 Juliet garden rose stems
    • eggplant seeded eucalyptus or filler of choice
    • small glass vessel or cup
    • Bundt cake
    • cake stand
    • floral snips


Fill a small glass vessel or cup that can fit inside the center hole of your Bundt cake with water. Slowly and carefully put it in the center of the cake. Use a glass vessel that fits comfortably inside the hole and is no more than 1/4″ taller than the cake.


Remove the greenery and thorns from your rose stems, and cut the stems at a 45 degree angle. Trim them about 3″ taller than the vessel. Working in a circle around the edge of the vessel, add the roses one at a time. Angle each stem so the flower head sits over the edge of the vessel and rests lightly on the cake. If necessary, trim the stem down until the stem is the perfect size for the desired positioning. The outer circle should require five to six flowers. Add the remaining three rose stems to the center of the vessel to fill the hole, making sure the flowers sit higher than the outer circle of stems so the overall look is domed.


Add filler in between the rose flower heads to fill holes and add extra texture. Be selective with where you add the filler so it doesn’t overwhelm the flowers. Use your floral snips to prune down large pieces, if necessary. To replicate our look, use smaller, wispier pieces on one side and denser pieces on the other to create an offset, dynamic look.

Wholesale flowers provided by FiftyFlowers

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