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Faceted Birthday Piñata

This faceted piñata is sure to be a smashing hit. (See what we did there?)

Estimated Budget $7.50
Estimated Time 8 hrs
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Tools and Supplies

    • cardboard
    • scissors
    • marker
    • hot glue
    • double-sided tape
    • gold mylar sheets


Freehand draw a large number onto cardboard using a faceted font, like Detroit, as a general guide on where to draw your dividing lines. Our finished number is about 4′ tall. Draw a second number to match, but don’t draw the facet lines. This will be the back of your piñata. Cut a small hole near the top of this piece to add your candy later. Cut out the number, and cut along each facet/dividing line. Cut 6″ wide strips of cardboard.


Reassemble the faceted front of the piñata using hot glue. Reconnect the pieces at a slight angle to create the 3D effect. Set aside to dry. Glue the 6″ wide strips around the perimeter of the un-faceted numeral. Bend the cardboard to fit the curves of your number, if necessary. Allow to dry before gluing the faceted front side of the piñata on top of the 6″ strip to enclose the piñata.


Cut several strips of fringe from the gold mylar sheets. Adhere each strip, starting from the bottom of the number, using double-sided tape. To enhance the three dimensional nature of the piñata, apply the fringe in different directions for different facets of your number. This will emphasize the way the light bounce off the facets.


Once complete, fill the piñata with candy, and hang.

Photography by Angela Rose Photography and Todd Hafermann, Candy provided by Candy Warehouse

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