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Glitter Table Number Vase

This two-toned vase does double duty as a centerpiece and table number.

Estimated Budget $6
Estimated Time 1 hr (excludes drying time)
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Tools and Supplies

    • vase
    • glitter glass craft paint
    • white gloss spray paint
    • medium craft brush
    • computer and printer
    • hot glue gun and glue sticks
    • scissors
    • nail polish remover
    • cotton swabs


Using a word processing program, print table numbers in the font of your choice. We prefer a distinctive font, like Falstaff, to add a unique touch to your vase. Adjust the number’s size to fit your vase before printing.


Cut out each number carefully, making sure to keep all of the flourishes and distinctive elements of the numeral intact. Set aside.


Using a medium paintbrush, paint the inside of a clean vase with glitter glass paint following the product’s directions. Set aside to dry.


Turn the number face down, and trace along the perimeter with a fine line of hot glue. Working quickly, turn over the number and place it firmly on the vase in your desired location. Smooth the edges of the table number to the centerpiece glass to ensure it’s adhered.


Hold the spray can perpendicular to the vase, especially when spraying over the table number template, and paint the glass with high gloss paint. Paint a second coat if necessary, and let dry.


Slowly peel back the paper number template and remove dried hot glue from the vase. Using a cotton swab soaked in nail polish remover, carefully remove any excess spray paint that seeped under the template to create a clearly-defined numeral.

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