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Fringed Firework Cake Topper

Make Independence Day sweet with this festive DIY cake topper.

Estimated Budget
Estimated Time 10 mins
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Tools and Supplies
    • tissue roll
    • crepe paper
    • mylar
    • glitter craft paper
    • lollipop stick
    • fringe scissors
    • scissors
    • glue stick
    • hot glue gun and glue stick

DIY Cake Topper - Fringed Firework Cake Topper. Images by Todd Hafermann.


Using the point of the scissors, carefully pierce the tissue tube with a small hole the diameter of the lollipop stick 1-1/2″ from the bottom.


Cut mylar sheets into 1-1/2″ wide strips. Using fringe scissors, cut 18″ lengths of three different colors of crepe paper and mylar.


Wrap the first strand of fringed crepe paper around the bottom edge of the tissue roll, making sure to start at the same end that you punched the hole. Using the glue stick, secure the row of crepe paper to the back of the tube. Add the second layer of crepe above the first and repeat until the tube is covered.


Cut a 3-1/2″ circle from your glitter paper and cut a slit from one edge to the center of the circle. Pull the two corners created by the slit in opposite directions, rolling the circle into a cone shape. Adjust as needed to fit your tissue roll, and hot glue the flaps in place to secure the shape. Once dry, glue the cone onto the top end (opposite of the punched hole) of the tube.


Insert the lollipop stick into the hole, being careful to separate the fringe pieces if necessary. Tilt the firework until it looks as though it’s shooting into the air with the top raised higher than the bottom. Secure the angle of the firework by placing a large dot of hot glue around the lollipop stick inside the tissue roll. Hold in place until dry.

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