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Darling Doily Backdrop

This vintage-inspired backdrop gets a modern twist with an unexpected pop of gold.

Contributed by Sarah Khandjian of Sarah Hearts

Estimated Budget $12
Estimated Time 30 Minutes
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Tools and Supplies

    • 8″ paper doilies in an assortment of colors
    • glue dots


Adhere 2-3 glue dots on the back of 7 paper doilies. Starting at the bottom of a 5′ x 5′ space, place one doily on the wall. Place another beside it, and repeat this process until you have 7 doilies in a row.


Adhere glue dots to more doilies in an offset pattern above the first row. Repeat steps one and two, randomly adding the additional colored doilies until you reach the desired height. Once done with the backdrop, the doilies remove easily from the wall.

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