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Color Blocked Menorah Centerpiece

Light up the eight nights with modern flair.

Estimated Budget $32
Estimated Time 1 Hour
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Tools and Supplies
    • eight 6 3/4″ unfinished wood candle sticks
    • one 9″ unfinished wood candle sticks
    • craft paint in multiple colors
    • brushes
    • tape (optional)
    • metal candle cup inserts
    • small hammer

DIY Color Blocked Menorah Centerpiece from Confetti Pop.


Paint a section of each candle in one color, determining each color block by the architecture of the candlestick. If necessary, tape off the section to help keep your paint lines clean. Rotate colors for each section, leaving some sections unpainted to expose the wood grain. Set aside to dry.


Insert the metal candle cup inserts into the drilled hole of the candlestick. You may need to lightly hammer the cups into the holes.


Arrange the candle sticks so that they resemble a menorah: four shorter candles on one side of the tallest, and four on the other.

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