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Color Blocked Christmas Cones

Go green with a mix of matte and metallic Christmas cones.

Estimated Budget $17
Estimated Time 25 minutes
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Tools and Supplies

    • paper mache cones (2 of each): 5-1/2″, 9″, 12″
    • craft paint in various finishes: matte, high gloss, and metallic
    • 1″ wooden craft beads
    • silver and gold glitter
    • white school glue
    • 2″ foam paintbrush



Lightly coat three wooden beads in glue, roll in glitter, and set aside to dry.


Using the foam brush, paint each cone with long strokes. Let dry between coats and apply more paint as needed to get full coverage. For the best effect, paint the two large cones different colors from each other, and do the same for the two medium and small cones. Set aside to dry.


Once all materials have dried, apply a small dab of glue inside the wooden bead’s manufacturer-produced hole and place on the point of a cone. Allow to dry completely.

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