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Astilbe Bouquet with Pom Pom Trail

Pom strands bring some ombre allure to this all-white bouquet.

Estimated Budget $45
Estimated Time 30 Minutes
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Tools and Supplies

    • Astilbe
    • Floral Sheers
    • Floral Tape
    • 1″ Thick Ribbon
    • Mini Pom Pom Ribbon, 2 Yards Per Color
    • Pearl Head Pins



Group astilbe into several small bunches. Remove the greenery from all but one or two of the bunches, then tape the each of the stripped small bunches with floral tape. Leave the astilbe stems with greenery loose and set them aside.


Arrange the taped bunches. Start with the center bunch, then build a ring around it with the other stripped bunches. Let the center bunch sit slightly higher than the bunches around it. Tape the stripped bunches together, wrapping the floral tape about 3 – 4 inches down the stems with slight overlap to give the bouquet structure. Examine your bouquet, and if you want the bouquet to be fuller, repeat this step until you are happy with its size and shape.


Line the outside of the taped bouquet with the astilbe stems with its greenery still attached. Remove any greenery that falls under the first few inches you have space to assemble the ribbon handle. Tape the loose stems onto the main bouquet with floral tape.


With all of the stems in place, cut them to the length desired. To help you find an ideal length, hold the bouquet in your hands and trim it several inches longer than needed. We opted for a slightly longer handle and gave an extra 4″ of length.


Starting 1 – 2 inches from the bottom of the stem, begin wrapping the ribbon around the stem. The floral tape has a slightly tacky surface and will help keep your ribbon in place. Start at the back of the bouquet and wrap straight around the bouquet, the angle slightly as you begin to wrap up the stem. Each wrap should overlap slightly to help keep it secure. When you are about 2 inches under the base of the greenery, clip the ribbon at the back of the bouquet. Fold the edge of the ribbon over to prevent it from fraying, then secure it in place with a couple of pearl head pins. Push the pins in at an angle and make sure that they are secure but do not penetrate the opposite side of the bouquet stem.


Prep the mini pom pom ribbon yardage. We staggered the ends of our three strands slightly rather than aligning them for a more layered look. Tie the mini pom pom ribbon yardage around the top of the ribbon wrap, then double the knot. Move the knot to the back of the bouquet stem, and push a third pearl head pin through the center of the knot at an angle to secure.

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